US-Grown Ingredients You Can Trust

Unlike other supplement brands, our Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ingredients are safely grown, manufactured and distributed here in North America.


    All of our time-tested herbal ingredients are grown and sourced domestically.


    Safely formulated and produced in the USA.


    With domestic distribution centers, our remedies are truly local from end-to-end.

Why Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?

· Natural and time-tested for over 22,000 years

· Treats a number of conditions such as immunity, energy, sleep and much more

· Formulas customized specifically for your condition

  • Yin & Yang
    Yin & Yang are a set of two opposing and complementing principles. They’re different, but they need one another in order to create balance. Think of Yin as night and Yang as day.
  • Qi
    Qi is the force runs through all living things. It circulates on the outer level of the body, acting like a shield to protect us from outside pathogens like bacteria and viruses. In order to improve health and wellness, we need to maintain and purify our Qi.
  • Blood
    Blood, or Xue, is a slightly different concept to a Western understanding of red and white blood cells, platelets and and nutrients. In TCM, blood simply refers to the fluid inside the body that provides nutrients, and the way in which all of our body's systems work together in harmony.

Everyday stress, errands, exercises, means our Yin & Yang are constantly changing. To maintain health, we need to find a balance of the Yin and Yang. This achieves good Qi and robust Xue.