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The ingredients in our research-backed natural formula can help activate white blood cells and modulate cytokine production in immune cells to keep your antiviral response strong.

Use Immunity Boost as an additional line of defense against viruses. To maximize its effects, avoid taking with caffeine (as this can increase nutrient excretion) and consume with fiber to boost your digestion, getting the most out of these supplements as possible. 


Immunity Boost

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Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine

US-grown and produced


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Spirulina Powder A cooling edible algae
Organic Reishi Mushroom (ling zhi) An anti-viral mushroom
Organic Echinacea Immunity boosting flower
Organic Astragalus (meng gu huang qi) A flowering shrub that activates the immune system
American Ginseng (xi yang shen) A herb with powerful roots
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Black Seed

Ingredients made in the US

We work hard to only source and create our formulations with ingredients grown here in the United States, offering superior quality, trust, fair wages, and a stable, transparent supply chain.

Spirulina Powder

An edible algae

Spirulina is a blue green algae that has been used as a food source for centuries. When dried, it is a dark green powder that can be added to recipes.

Strengthens the immune system

Spirulina is included in our supplements to boost the immune system’s ability to fight infections.

Backed by traditional wisdom

Spirulina is classified in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a cooling herb that tonifies the spleen and kidney while also clearing heat, thus strengthening the immune system.

It’s a well studied supplement

Spirulina has been shown in studies to enhance the abilities of NK cells (an important immune cell) to fight viral and bacterial infections.

Organic Reishi Mushroom (ling zhi)

A fan shaped mushroom

Reishi mushrooms are reddish-brown, fan shaped mushrooms. They are technically edible, but tend to have a tough texture so they are more often powdered and added to foods and supplements that way.

Fights viruses

Reishi Mushrooms are included in our supplements because of their antiviral properties.

Backed by traditional wisdom

Reishi mushrooms are called lingzhi in Chinese, which translates to "divine mushroom." They were given this name for their powerful ability to balance qi, which supports immune function.

It’s a well studied supplement

In studies, Reishi mushrooms are found to have a broad spectrum of antiviral properties by modulating cytokine production in immune cells.

Organic Echinacea

A purple flower

Echinacea is a flower in the daisy family. They are often grown in gardens because of how beautiful the blossoms are, but they have been used as an herbal remedy by Native American tribes for centuries.

Protects the immune system

Echinacea is included in our supplements because of its ability to protect the immune system, allowing it to better serve its function of defending the body against infection.

Backed by traditional wisdom

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Echinacea is known for clearing heat. While heat can take many forms in TCM, one of the most common is inflammation.

It’s a well studied supplement

Studies show that Echinacea Purpurea exhibits a physiological protective effect on the mucosal immune system.

Organic Astragalus (meng gu huang qi)

A flowering shrub

Astragalus is a small shrub that is more commonly known as milkvetch. The roots are often used to make tea that is earthy and slightly sweet.

Activates the immune system

Astragalus is included in our supplements to help activate the immune system, protecting the body against viral and bacterial infections.

Backed by traditional wisdom

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Astragalus tonifies qi. When qi is depleted, a person is weak and vulnerable to infection.

It’s a well studied supplement

Studies show that Astragalus helps activate Th1 cells, which are white blood cells that support the body's immune system.

American Ginseng (xi yang shen)

An herb with powerful roots

American Ginseng is often grown in the eastern and central parts of the US. It is in the ivy family, and is mainly cultivated for its use as an herbal remedy, typically derived from the roots.

Modulates the immune system

American Ginseng is included in our supplements because of its ability to modulate the body’s response to inflammation. This means it helps the body fight infection when necessary without causing unnecessary symptoms.

Backed by traditional wisdom

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ginseng tonifies zang-organ qi, boosting the vitality of organs including the spleen, lung and heart.

It’s a well studied supplement

Research shows that Ginseng helps modulate the inflammatory response. This means that it effectively suppresses hyperresponsiveness and chronic inflammatory responses. It also helps stop bacterial infections by blocking the bacteria's adhesion to cells.

Black Seed

Why it's so effective

    • Naturally assists in cold defense and recovery

    • Helps build stronger immune systems with daily use

    • Designed for prevention and support

Traditional Chinese Medicine insights:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine explains a susceptibility to illness as a weakness of defensive Qi (or Wei Qi). Your Qi circulates on the outer level of the body, acting as a shield to protect you from pathogens like bacteria and viruses.
  • Root Logic’s Immunity remedy repairs your shield and boosts everyday health, helping prevent illness and improve recovery.

How to Take

Take 2x capsules per day one hour after a balanced meal.

Take with warm water for improved absorption.

For those with sensitive digestion systems, take 2x capsules per day with meals.


- Avoid taking with coffee or other caffeinated beverages

- Store in a cool, dry, dark spot

- It can take up to 3 months for product to take full effect

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