Joint Support

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Our natural formulation supplies your body with antioxidants, improved blood flow, and anti-inflammatories to proactively target the main causes of joint stiffness and physical pain.
Some customers use Joint Support to target chronic physical ailments. Others use it as a post-workout recovery solution to lessen the long-term impact of impact overload on your muscles and joints.
Whatever your use case, make sure to maximize its efficacy by avoiding taking it with caffeine and instead consuming it with fiber. This will boost your digestion and intake of the key nutrients in this blend.


Joint Support

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Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine

US-grown and produced


Third-party tested

Turmeric Root (jiang huang) A famous spice used in many cultures
Angelica Root (dong quai) Used across many TCM formulations
American Ginseng (xi yang shen) Reduces cartilage destruction
Turkey Tails (yun zhi) A mushroom with antioxidant properties

Ingredients made in the US

We work hard to only source and create our formulations with ingredients grown here in the United States, offering superior quality, trust, fair wages, and a stable, transparent supply chain.

Turmeric Root (jiang huang)

A warm, earthy spice
Turmeric is a root related to Ginger and is often ground into a powder and used as a cooking spice.

Helps with joint pain and stiffness
We include Turmeric in our supplements as it may dull pain help you wake up feeling more limber in the morning.

Backed by traditional wisdom
Traditional Chinese Medicine often makes use of Turmeric as the herb invigorates and stimulates blood flow.

It’s a well studied ingredient
Studies show that daily Turmeric usage can lessen joint pain and stiffness.

Angelica Root (dong quai)

An edible plant

Angelica is a plant with edible stems and roots that are used in recipes ranging from jam to gin. 

Helps minimize joint issues

Angelica Root is included in our supplements because of its ability to support joints.

Back by traditional wisdom
Considered a warm herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Angelica Root helps treat blood stasis, often referred to as coldness in the blood.

It’s a well studied supplement

A 2015 study showed that angelica root may have the dual benefits of anti-inflammatory properties as well as promoting healthy cartilage.

American Ginseng (xi yang shen)

An herb with powerful roots

American Ginseng is often grown in the eastern and central parts of the US. It is in the ivy family, and is mainly cultivated for its use as an herbal remedy, typically derived from the roots.

Helps reduce joint issues
We knew we had to include American Ginseng in our formulation as it’s a standard ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine to support joints.

Backed by traditional wisdom

Ginseng helps tonify the spleen and expel dampness. Spleen qi deficiency tends to cause deep, dull pain in joints and is exacerbated by dampness.

It’s a well studied supplement

In research, American Ginseng is shown to reduce cartilage destruction, and patients report decreased arthritis symptoms after using American Ginseng.

Turkey Tails (yun zhi)

A beautiful, colorful mushroom that packs a punch
Turkey Tails are multicolored, fan shaped mushrooms reminiscent of turkey features. They are often chopped up and steeped in tea or added to recipes for their umami flavor.

Helps with joint stiffness

Turkey Tails are included in our supplements because they are full of antioxidants that may help reduce stiffness in joints and improve overall joint health.

Backed by traditional wisdom

Turkey Tails, known in TCM as yun zhi, have a long history of being used to increase qi, clear dampness, and especially support the liver system. In TCM, joint pain and stiffness is often attributed to liver health.

It’s a well studied supplement

Turkey Tails, or Coriolus mushrooms, have been found in research to be a great source of antioxidants including phenols and flavenoids. Studies show that antioxidants are beneficial to joints in a multitude of ways, especially for a middle aged population.

Black Seed

Why it's so effective

    • Anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients

    • Helps to lessen joint discomfort and reduce feeling of stiffness with daily usage

    • Ingredients are designed to compliment each other in the complete formulation

Traditional Chinese Medicine insights:

  • Made to support those that suffer joint pain and arthritis through its ability to invigorate the Qi & blood circulating in the body.
  • US-grown Turmeric serves as a “Chief Herb” to remove blood stasis & reduce discomfort.

How To Take

Take 2x capsules per day one hour after a balanced meal.

Take with warm water for improved absorption.

For those with sensitive digestion systems, take 2x capsules per day with meals.


- Avoid taking with coffee or other caffeinated beverages

- Store in a cool, dry, dark spot

- It can take up to 3 months for product to take full effect

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