Headache & Migraine Defense

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Research-backed natural formula, designed to proactively fight the root causes of headache and migraine onsetnamely inflammation, stress, blood stasis, and muscle tension. Rather than only taking an OTC drug in response to pain, try to get ahead of experiencing the pain altogether.

See what our customers say below and why they find migraine peace of mind with our medicinal defense blend.


Headache & Migraine Defense

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Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Magnesium A mineral with a long history
Angelica root (dong quai)
Angelica root (dong quai) A plant with many benefits
Organic Reishi Mushroom (ling zhi)
Organic Reishi Mushroom (ling zhi) A great headache reliever
Morus Rubra (Red Mulberry)
Morus Rubra (Red Mulberry) A berry as a preventative measure
Black Seed

Ingredients made in the US

We work hard to only source and create our formulations with ingredients grown here in the United States, offering superior quality, trust, fair wages, and a stable, transparent supply chain.


An essential mineral

Magnesium is a mineral that is naturally occurring in the human body, used in more than 300 biochemical reactions. A common place you might see magnesium is in Epsom salts used for soaking baths. Another name for Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, and magnesium is the active ingredient.

How it helps

Magnesium is included in our supplements because of its long history as an effective preventative medicine for migraines.

Backed by traditional wisdom

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, magnesium is used to treat a variety of conditions including tense muscles and blood stasis. Blood stasis means that the blood is not flowing as well as it could be, which can cause headaches.

It’s a well-studied supplement

Magnesium is an especially well-documented remedy. Studies show that magnesium is effective at preventing migraines and can serve as an acute treatment of migraines and headaches.

Angelica root (dong quai)

How it helps

Angelica root is included in our supplements because it has the dual benefit of relieving headaches that are already present as well as preventing migraines from occurring.

Backed by traditional wisdom

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Angelica root helps dissipate cold and enhance the meridian flow of the head, which relieves headaches.

It’s a well studied supplement

Angelica root has been shown to reduce neurogenic inflammation as well as affect levels of CGRP, serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine in the body, which helps prevent migraines.

Organic Reishi Mushroom (ling zhi)

How it helps

Reishi Mushrooms are included in our supplements because they are a great headache reliever, and they can help prevent some of the root causes of headaches.

Backed by traditional wisdom

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, reishi is classified as a tonic herb and is used to treat headaches directly as well as inflammation and stress, which can cause headaches.

It’s a well studied supplement

Research shows that Reishi mushrooms have powerful anti inflammatory properties, and when used in studies they were effective in treating migraines.

Morus Rubra (Red Mulberry)

A delicious berry

More commonly known as Red Mulberry, Morus Rubra is native to North America and is eaten all over the world.

Helps prevent migraines.

Red mulberry is included in our supplements as a preventative measure that results in less migraine days per month.

Backed by traditional wisdom

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, mulberry is classified as a blood tonic. Blood stasis and deficiency can cause headaches, so tonifying the blood is a key way to prevent them.

It’s a well studied supplement

Studies show that morus rubra is a powerful antioxidant. That is important because antioxidants are shown to help prevent migraines.

Black Seed

Why it's so effective

    • Reduces inflammation in the body through hormone activation

    • Combats the effects of long term stress and fatigue

    • Restores healthy balance and equilibrium

Traditional Chinese Medicine insights:

  • Stress-related blockages in Qi and blood flow can trigger migraine episodes.
  • Restoring the balance between cold and damp Yin and hot and dry Yang prevent migraines and lessen their severity.

How To Take

· Take 2x capsules per day one hour after a balanced meal.

· Take with warm water for improved absorption.

· For those with sensitive digestion systems, take 2x capsules per day with meals.


1. Avoid taking with coffee or other caffeinated beverages

2. Store in a cool, dry, dark spot

3. It can take up to 3 months for product to take full effect

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